Climate Clips Award

International Film University Festival Munich

Since 2008, the Nagelschneider Foundation, in cooperation with Internationale Münchner Filmwochen GmbH and Brigitte Bruns, has presented the Climate Clip Award to the short film that best deals with the topic of climate change and sustainable energy at the Munich International Festival of Films Schools. This award is open to all film school students around the world and is held annually. The Climate Clip Award includes € 5000 prize money for the winner, € 3000 for the scound best rated clip and € 1000 for the third place.

We look forward to a large number of participants from all parts of the world in order for us to better understand what climate change and sustainable energy mean, especially to people in countries such as Brazil, the Ukraine, South Africa and China. Terms and Conditions CLIMATE CLIPS AWARD

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Winner 2018

1. Place - The Meeting

Veronika Hafner und Rina Zimmering

2. Place - Out of sight

Bojan Brbora und Dora Filipovic

3. Place - The ice is melting

Johannes Richter
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