Excerpt from the charter (articles amended 19.01.2011)
The purpose of the foundation is to promote and foster scientific research in the fields of producing, storing, transfer and intelligent network planning of alternative, sustainable and ecologically compatible energy as well as the reduction of energy consumption in regard to the overall environmental situation.

The foundation promotes and supports science, research and environmental protection. These goals are achieved, in particular, by:

  • Awarding research funds especially to domestic schools of higher learning or other such scientific institutions that deal with the goals in Art. 1.
  • The publication of research results and the proliferation of knowledge and technological advances to increase awareness in regard to a more environmentally friendly production of energy and non-wasteful use as well as drawing attention to the potential of renewable energy resources.
  • The compilation, evaluation and cross-linkage of advances in the environmental situation worldwide as well as
  • Awarding prizes for special achievements in accordance with the purpose of the foundation.

The foundation can achieve its goals through funding or operationally. It is authorized to appoint auxiliary persons. Insofar as the foundation is not able to achieve its goals directly, the recipients of the foundation’s funds are considered auxiliary persons of the foundation or tax-privileged entities and public bodies according to § 58 Nr. 1 Abgabenordnung (AO) (tax code), who use the foundation’s funding for the realization of tax-privileged purposes according to Art. 1. The foundation is allowed to provide other corporations, institutions or foundations, that are also tax-privileged, or an appropriate governmental agency, with financial or factual means if these establishments invest those means to support measures according to Art. 2.

A legal claim to funds from the foundation, which are revocable at any time, does not exist even if the funding has taken place repeatedly or over a long period of time.

Payments by the foundation may not be used to replace or curtail public funding of any kind.

The foundation decides independently on how it realizes its goals and whom – and to what extent – it wishes to fund.

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